Trek Bac Ha and Ha Giang challenging trekking tours (9 days)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Trek Bac Ha and Ha Giang challenging trekking tours (9 days)

This is the most challenging trekking tour Lotussia Travel providesin Bac Ha area, Lao Cai province. The 9-day tour takes you to the remotest hilltribe villages where you meet up with different ethnic groups dressing in colorful costums: Flower H’mong, Phu La, Dzao, Tay Nung… Begin your adventure holidays with an overnight train trip from Hanoi to Lao Cai. Then you start your trekking holiday hiking from village to village, through the less traveled villages including Lung Phinh, Ta Chai, Pa Chu Ty, Then Van, Lung Cai, Hoang Nhi Pho, Ban Gia, Nam Ma, Lan Ma, Lan Nung, Coc Pu, Xin Man, Sin Man, Hoang Su Phi, Tung San,Dan Khao, Cao Banh, Ban Trang, Khuoi Hop, Ha Giang province. If you arrive in Bac Ha town on Sunday, you have the opportunity to visit the Bac Ha market, the biggest market in the area. The 9-day adventure tour package is provided with experienced English-speaking tour guide, support vehicle, local cook, porters and trekking equipments. This is a very tough, challenging trekking tour package Lotussia Travel customizes to the remote northern Vietnam and is only recommended for active, adventure travelers, small group size.


Day 1: Bac ha - Lung Phinh - Ta Chai - Pa Chu Ty II (L,D)

You will be picked up by Lotussia Travel team at Lao Cai Train station and then transferred to Bacha. Your trek start from Lung Phinh market to Ta Chai village, home of Fula minority.

Arrive later afternoon at the H’mong ethnic minority village of Pa Chu Ty II, our destination for overnight. The villages are unused to the presence of foreigners. So we are encouraged to tread gently. The accommodation here is basic.

Overnight in homestay.

Day 2: Pa Chu Ty II - Then Van - Lung Cai (B,L,D)

After  breakfast  at  local  home  stay,  the  trek  today  leads  through  beautiful  sightseing  on  narrow
footpath  to  the H’mong  village  of Then  Van. Discover  the  daily  life  of  the  local  people. 

Continue trekking to Lung Cai – a delightful village located at the moutain side of H’mong area. 

Welcome for dinner and overnight in homestay.

Day 3: Lung Cai - Hoang Nhi Pho - Ban Gia (B,L,D)

Once leaving Lung Cai, following the trekking route to Hoang Nhi Pho through rice paddy and maize
plantations .

Lunch will be prepared and served here.

After lunch, you will continue the trek toward Ban  Gia  village.  Enjoy  your  dinner  in  a  private  local  house  and  spend  the  night  at  Mr  The’s homestay.

Day 4: Ban Gia - Nan Ma (B,L,D)

Breakfast  at  local home  stay. A  great  days  trek,  undulating  sometimes  steeply  up  and  down  and
through natural  landscapes  to arrive  finally at  the  isolated H’mong village of Nan Ma. The villagers
are friendly and curious and the countryside and village very impressionable. Spend one more night
in the H’mong village of Nan Ma at Mr Sinh’s house.

Day 5: Lan Ma - Lan Lung - Coc pu II (B,L,D)

The trekking is easier today and is punctuated by the exciting crossing of Nung ethnic minority area.
Reaching relative civilization of terraces of paddy fields, house tools as brick, smith  and more.

Have a break at Nan Lung village where the group will have lunch in a local house before continuing the
last destination of Coc Pu II village.

Overnight in a comfortable house in Coc Pu, a village inhabited by the Nung minority.

Day 6: Coc Pu II - Sin Man - Hoang Su Phi (B,L,D)

After breakfast, there are three kilometers of warking to Coc Pai town in Xin Man district of Ha Giang
province. Your  car will be waiting  to  drive  you  to  Sin Man,  one  of  the  pourest  district which has
border with Lao Cai province and China.

Lunch will be in a local restaurant.

Dinner and overnight in local guest house in Hoang Su Phi.

Day 7: Hoang Su Phi - Tung San (B,L,D)

Breakfast  at  hotel. Transfer  by  car  to  the  start  point  of  your  treeking  today. You will  trek 15  km
through the beautiful scenery and local villages. Lunch will be served at a nice spot. Continue to the
Black  Dao  ethnic  of  Tung  San  for  dinner  and  overnight.  Mr  Tan  Van  Sai  will  have  pleisure  to
welcome you at his house.

Day 8: Tung san - Dan Khao - Cao Banh (B,L,D)

After having breakfast, your  trek will begin  from Tung San  to Dan Khao  then Cao Banh. Lunch on
route. Dinner and overnight at Mr Phan Van Dau’s homestay (Black Dzao ethnic minority).

Day 9: Cao Banh - Ban Trang - Khuoi Hop - Ha Giang (B, L)

Leaving Cao Banh, you will take the trekking route to Trang village then continue toward Khuoi Hop.
Once  reaching village Len  in Viet Lam you will be  transferred by car  to Ha Giang. Dinner  in  town.
Overnight in hotel in Ha Giang. End of service.

Lotussia Travel is a Hanoi based tour operator offering a wide selection of trekking tours in all over Vietnam. The above trekking tour is only a sample we list on this site for your reference. That can be flexible, customizable and subject to weather conditions and other circumstances. We have lots of other itineraries we don’t put all here since there are some dishonest individuals have copied our contents without our agreement. If you need further information or have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to seeing you soon in Vietnam!

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