H'mong King Palace in Bac Ha

Located in Bac Ha District, 110km from Sapa, H'mong King palace or Hoang A Tuong is a unique construction work, which harmonizes the Asian and European architectural styles. Over 80 years of existence, the old palace still stands imposing and outstanding in the town center. Its owner was Hoang Yen Chao of Tay origin. He was the father of Hoang A Tuong, a tribal mandarin under the domination of the French colonialists.

Located on a vast hill in the southeast, surrounded by the mountains in the back and two sides, and stream and “mother carrying child” mountain in the front, the palace offers travelers a very nice view overlooking the Bac Ha valley.

The old palace is a harmonious combination between styles of Asia and Europe. It covers an area of 4,000 m2. Both left and right sides of the palace are used as stone houses and for coolies to stay. Its front is a screen and the back is the main building which occupies 420m2. The palace is well decorated in modern architecture. The main side of the house is decorated with a lot of sophisticated vignettes and two parallel sentences with a content of wishing family prosperity.

H’mong King Palace is a very good place for travelers to visit and understand history, society and people in the Bac Ha mountainous region in the past